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Promotional Products

Spread the Word Through Promos

Get your name out there with the perfect promotional product.  Whether you need giveaways for your business, corporate event, school, wedding, graduation, we can help you design your perfect item.  From coffee mugs, to umbrellas, to water bottles or keychains, Southern Point Design can create the perfect promotional item for your business.

Promotional products not only help reach potential customers, but they also remind people of your special event or business later. In fact, here are some great statistics about the use of promotional products:

  • T-shirts are the #1 most popular promotional product with 58% of U.S. Consumers having at least one in their closet
  • Midwesterners are the best group of people who remember who gave them their promotional t-shirt
  • Drinkware is the #2 most popular promo item with writing instruments following close behind at #3
  • 41% of U.S. Consumers own a promotional hat and a single hat can make over 3,000 impressions to other customers!
  • Potential clients will usually keep a promotional desk accessory for 14 months
  • Promo umbrellas are used more by older customers
  • The most popular promotional item in Tennessee is performance wear.

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